Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Terrafugia, the company started by MIT grads to make a fly-able car, had its first succesful flight!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fun Links

Check out the following sites for pictures on neat stuff:

Constellation Program:
I got to sit in a mock-up of the crew vehicle this summer.

Out of the ones shown here, I have seen ATHLETE, Toyota's trumpet playing 'bot, and Mars Science Lab in person.

I will soon be making one even cooler than all the ones seen on that site :)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ice Hockey and Smoothies

Here are some more pictures from a bit earlier in the semester when some friends and I went to the MIT v. WPI Ice Hockey game and then got smoothies at the Tang Smoothie Night.

Apparently, ice hockey is the most popular varsity sport at MIT to watch. This was the second game that we went to and they're quite fun! Before this year, I'd never seen a whole game of hockey (unless watching Mighty Ducks counts....) and I enjoy the intensity of the sport. I didn't realize that people would do full body dives (think frisbee layout + subsequent sliding on the ice) to block the puck!

But to put things in perspective: when I say this is the most well-attended varsity sport at MIT, there are a max of 50ish people in the stands. Compare this to football at OSU, where the stadium holds 50,000 spectators (more than twice the number of actual Stillwater residents). Needless to say, the cheering fans here can be considered cute as best, in comparison to ocean of sound that surrounds you in the football or basketball stadiums back home. Don't get me wrong though- I do enjoy the cheers here. The dedicated front line of about 10 fans consistently yells out witty, nerdy banter.

Knowing now that the football team here has less than 50 attendees per game, I feel realllly bad for not going to support Tommy at any of his games :/
I literally just assumed that for a good portion of last semester that the season hadn't started since NO ONE talked about the games.....