Monday, June 1, 2009

JP Winter Retreat

We, the outdoorsy :) Joint Program students organized a retreat to New Hampshire in February. We rented a huge house and ~50 of us stayed there over a long weekend. Activities like this are the reason that winters in New England can still be fun!
We split up into different groups on Saturday, and I joined the group that went skiing at Attitash. It was sooooo icy that day. I guess by this time of year, very little fresh powder can be found. Yay east coast......
The conditions were so different that it was as if you had to use different techniques to work your way down the slopes.
I was surprised that only one other person out of this group would go up to the top of any of the mountains with me (I don't understand how some of them already shelled out lots of money for their own gear if they aren't brave enough to go on blues.....) Thankfully for Allison, I got to go on some of the tougher trails with a buddy. And....she convinced me to go on a double black. This one went much more smoothly than the double black at Tahoe. That's just because the NE mountains are smaller and therefore easier though.

Check out the huge ice patch!

On Sunday, a group of us tried to find a hill to go sledding on. We ended up driving to someone's property that included an old ski lift (this was the plan proposed when guys were put in charge). We asked the owner for permission to go down it, but he said no. So, we found a small hill to hike up (still hard to do in the snow without snowshoes, especially when going at a fast pace set by a super tall guy).

At the top:

Some of us tried to sled down this hill anyways, even though there were trees EVERYWHERE. Certain people were less successful than others.....

Lunch afterwards: