Friday, November 28, 2008


Thanksgiving's been pretty fun, even though this is the first one ( I think) that I haven't been at home for.

Some of my friends who also didn't get to go home made dinner here together (plus we mooched lunch off of the dorm Thanksgiving meal, which was crowded to the max with international students, who likewise, did not go anywhere for break). It was a good time, and the highlight of my day was probably the fact that I succesfully baked my first pie ever. Apple pie from scratch!

In unrelated things, here are some other pictures for those of you who haven't seen MIT or Tang Hall yet:

Dad and I around campus during Orientation Week.

View from my dorm. Seriously! I don't see how people can complain about this dorm, when we have this sweet view of the Charles River and the Boston Skyline.

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Anonymous said...

looks like an awesome pie! and MAN, i wish my dorm view looked like that! back then, frat boy volleyball was cool and all, and now i enjoy my view of sixth from my new apt, but somehow neither really quite compares to the boston skyline. ;-D