Monday, May 18, 2009

More on Carbon Fiber!

Ok this is really dangerous.
I now know the major steps taken to make a carbon fiber string instrument....

I have a ridiculous amount of experience in laying-up composite materials from my senior design project (in fact, if there's one skill I feel the best at having completed DBF, its that I can lay up stuff all day long). Now that I know they literally just lay-up layers of carbon fiber to make the instruments, I really want to try and make one myself!
All I need is the extra components you add on at the end (fingerboard, bridge, sound post, etc), and a few trials of making a full system that meets my desired sound, and I'm good to go!
This would cost at least an order of magnitude less than what they're being sold for.

This was very dangerous information for me to get a hold of....

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Miss Outlier said...

Laugh - go for it! If not here, where else could you have the resources to do such a thing?