Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Photos from 93,000 feet

My mentee is famous! :)

The first year MechE who was assigned to me as my mentee this year told me about his cool weather ballon/camera side project a few weeks ago (right before their latest launch). And I just now found out that this project has been making it into quite a few online sites.

Ahh these MIT kids impress me. Just wait til you hear about the OTHER side projects they're working on.

Basically, they've carried out a launch on the very low budget of $150, took some amazing pics, and hope to spread this launch know-how to younger students to inspire interest in science.

The weather balloon launch reminds me of the Mars Plane project I worked on in undergrad :) so this was all really exciting for me!



Their website:

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Miss Outlier said...

I thought that was really cool, too - although it reminded me a lot of Dr. Arena's class at OSU. We did the same thing in Intro to Engineering, sending cameras and sensors up to the edge of space in a weather balloon. I don't know what the budget was, but I know it was dirt cheap. So OSU is right up there with MIT!