Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Out with the old, in with the new

Everybody knows that I'm a cheap-o, but recently I've been forced to make a couple new purchases.

The backpack I was using for a long time started falling apart. If you can't tell from the picture, one of the straps was hanging on by only a few strands.
It lasted through hiking the Alps and up Half Dome in Yosemite, so I guess a new backpack was deserved.In its place, I got a Patagonia Half Mass Messenger Bag (got a sweet deal on it), which is moving me one step closer to completing my transformation into a true urbanite (HA!). It's made out of recycled material, came with a laptop insert and water bottle holder unlike the Timbuk2 bags that everyone else buys.

The other major purchase was a new laptop!!! After several difficulties with the Acer I got 3 years ago (which I was holding onto dearly, since it was my main form of payment from my internship in Taiwan that I worked so hard on), it crashed for the second time and I decided it would be more beneficial in all aspects to just buy a new system.
I bought basically the cheapest thing I could find that wasn't a mini.
Dell Inspiron 1300
13.3" screen
4.9 lbs
160 GB hard drive
Processor: Celeron 560, 2.13 GHz
Need to buy more memory for it

Nothing fancy, but should hopefully prove to be cheap and reliable. It's also thinner and sleeker than most Dells, so that's nice.

Next up: Buy a new bike. Mine has been stolen, despite the fact that it was locked to a rack with a heavy duty U-Lock.....

Buy a new violin. More details on that to come!

My cheap-o ways are being forced out of me at the moment..............

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