Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Rappelling in Building 66!

The MIT Caving Club has permission to rappel down the stairwell of Building 66, so long as they give sufficient advanced notice. So, last night they held a beginner's rappel session and I joined! It was another chance to interact with the undergrads (who are definitely a different breed than the grads here) and learn a little bit about rappelling, which apparently there is still quite a bit more of to learn (rigging is complicated)....

The drop was only six stories (~300 ft, so it was nothing like the entrance to Moaning Cavern in California this summer), but it was still pretty fun.

Is it just because it's the week before finals or merely a fact of being at MIT that everybody was furiously doing homework whenever they were waiting in line for a harness?

They said that last year, this session ran from 11PM -6AM! Being the old woman that I am (or maybe just a person, who finally has enough free time to maintain a normal sleep schedule), I got my one rappel in and left at 1 AM. Good enough for grad student Heather.

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